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  1. Agave Cocina
    #38 Street 426, corner St 163, TTP, Phnom Penh,
    Mexican / Tex-Mex, Western
    • Delivery in 45 mins
    • Delivery fee: $1.00
    • Minimal Order: $5.00
    • Max delivery distance: 8 km

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    Our entire commitment to our delivery of these services for both food and drink is paramount. From our lunch to our dinner services, and in our take-out to our premium home delivery service, Agave Cocina will strive to deliver the consistency and quality that our clientele will not only expect, but deeply appreciate.

Agave Cocina

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Agave Cocina - Appetizers

  1. 001 Guacamole & chips Guacamole & chips

    the city’s best guacamole made the authentic way! -Add house chorizo $2.75 -Add Grilled pineapple $1.25
  2. 002 Killer warm housemade cornbread Killer warm housemade cornbread

    with pasilla chile butter
  3. 003 “bean con queso” 3-cheeses “bean con queso” 3-cheeses

    refried bean dip and crispy corn tortilla chips. Add pulled pork 2.00$
  4. 004 Roasted cashews Roasted cashews

    bird’s eye chile, chives and tequila ~ lime salt
  5. 005 Fresh “gordita” Fresh “gordita”

    fresh baked masa cake stuffed with pulled pork, corn, pepper,sweet potato and queso with housemade banana ~ apple ketchup
  6. 006 Grilled corn “etole” Grilled corn “etole”

    with house queso cheese, chile, lime and salt
  7. 007 Roasted chicken wings (6 pc.) Roasted chicken wings (6 pc.)

    with ancho chile bbq sauce and creamy ~ spicy blue cheese dip
  8. 008 Memelas Memelas

    toasted masa cakes with shredded chicken, frijoles charros, queso fresco, sweet potato, avocado and chile de arbol
  9. 009 Housemade “empanadas” Housemade “empanadas”

    with corn, potato, chorizo, fresh queso cheese and agave cocina chile sauce
  10. 010 Chile “rellenos” Chile “rellenos”

    stuffed red pepper with mexican rice, chickpeas, black beans,pumpkin and queso cheese
  11. 011 Tamales “oaxaqueños” Tamales “oaxaqueños”

    fresh masa wrapped in banana leaves and steamed! stuffed with chicken and housemade queso fresco in mole roja (vegetarian optional)

Agave Cocina - Salad

  1. 001 “Market fresh” fish ceviche “Market fresh” fish ceviche

    with tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro, red onion, house hot sauce, avocado and clamato ~ lime dressing
  2. 002 Octopus “la plancha” Octopus “la plancha”

    slow cooked and charred octopus salad with toasted pepitas, roasted red peppers, housemade chorizo sausage and roasted baby potatoes.
  3. 003 “Drunken” tequila prawn ceviche “Drunken” tequila prawn ceviche

    with grape tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, avocado and jalapeño
  4. 004 Chicken fajita salad Chicken fajita salad

    in a crispy tortilla basket with sour cream dressing, leaf lettuce, jack cheese, roasted peppers, avocado, charred corn and toasted pepitas. (vegetarian optional)

Agave Cocina -Tacos

  1. 001 Caramelized pork crispy tacos Caramelized pork crispy tacos

    with pineapple, cucumber ~ cilantro salsa and spicy cholula aïoli
  2. 002 Soft corn tortilla shrimp tacos Soft corn tortilla shrimp tacos

    with cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, cotija cheese, garlic ~ cilantro lime slaw
  3. 003 Spicy grilled fish tacos Spicy grilled fish tacos

    with red cabbage, tomato, jalapeño, red onion, cilantro créma and chile de arbol sauce
  4. 004 Big Burrito Big Burrito

    with mexican rice, frijoles charros, pico de gallo, sour cream, lettuce avocado and lime créma (1 per Order ) chicken 7.75$ / pork 7.75$ / beef 8.75$ / vegetarian 6.50$
  5. 005 Fried beef “flautas” Fried beef “flautas”

    in flour tortillas with mole roja, corn ~ potato sofrito and crumbled fresh queso cheese
  6. 006 Pulled pork “enchiladas” Pulled pork “enchiladas”

    baked in flour tortillas with 3 - cheeses, frijoles negros, salsa verde and corn créma
  7. 007 Classic “enchiladas verdes” Classic “enchiladas verdes”

    with soft corn tortillas, shredded chicken, queso fresco, jack cheese, salsa verde, chiles, scallions and cilantro créma
  8. 008 Tacos “al pastor” Tacos “al pastor”

    on fresh corn tortillas with pineapple, slow-cooked pork,achiote, cumin, guajillo chile, cilantro and pico de gallo

Agave Cocina - Oaxacan

  1. 001 Pulled Pork tlayydas Pulled Pork tlayydas

    tlayydas with jack cheese, mustard, caramelized onions, parilla chile bbq sauce cilantro and red chiles
  2. 002 Roasted Chicken Roasted Chicken

    tlayudas with tomato-corn salsa, avocado, cilantro, queso añejo, chipotle and gruyére chese
  3. 003 House Choxizo House Choxizo

    chile peppers, sweet potato, queso fresco, jalapeno, cheddar and avocado and cilantro
  4. 004 Prawn and Whitefish Prawn and Whitefish

    tlayudas with house cotija cheese, roasted peppers, charred onions, basil, jalapeño and tequila salt

Agave Cocina - Nachos

  1. 001 Viva Zapata Viva Zapata

    with roasted chicken, red onions, avocado, pico de gallo, jack cheese, jalapeño, black beans, charred corn, sour cream and fresh cilantro ( Vegetable 8.50$ )
  2. 002 Sweet chile braised beef ( Nachos ) Sweet chile braised beef ( Nachos )

    sweet chile braised beef with cheddar, jack cheese, red peppers, charred onions, re-fried beans, fired roasted tomatoes, avocado, sour cream and cilantro
  3. 003 Pulled Pork Nachos Pulled Pork Nachos

    with cheddar, jalapeño jack, bbq sauce, mustard, red onion,tomato salsa, roasted corn, avocado, cilantro and sour cream
  4. 004 Slow braised beef, pulled pork and roast chicken Slow braised beef, pulled pork and roast chicken

    with queso añejo, cheddar cheese, refried black beans, avocado, pico de gallo, charred corn, roasted peppers, jalapeños, charred onions, sour cream and cilantro

Agave Cocina - Stews

  1. 001 Asado de res beef stew Asado de res beef stew

    with guajillo and ancho chiles, tomato, apple,pineapple, banana, cornbread crumbs and crispy tortillas.served with beans and mexican rice
  2. 002 Carne adobada slow cooked pork stew Carne adobada slow cooked pork stew

    with onions, garlic, dried red guajillo & fresh red chile, cider vinegar, mint, scallions,créma and flour tortillas. served with beans and mexican rice

Agave Cocina - Sides

  1. 001 Frijoles charros “cowboy beans” Frijoles charros “cowboy beans”

    slow cooked with tomato, bacon,onion and chiles
  2. 002 Mexican rice Mexican rice

    with jalapeño, garlic, onion, tomato, annatto, cilantro and lime
  3. 003 Fresh corn tortillas Fresh corn tortillas

    handmade daily! $1.5 for 2
  4. 004 Fresh flour tortillas Fresh flour tortillas

    handmade daily! $1.5 for 2
  5. 006 Housemade agave chorizo Housemade agave chorizo

    with aïoli $3.5/ea

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