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  1. Big Board Kitchen
    #33, st.123,c.456 Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh,
    Chicken, Schnitzel, Western
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    Big Board Kitchen - on 123rd Street offers delicious Schnitzel, a favorite in many countries all over the world. We have a wide variety of different options, be it our Big Board Signature Schnitzel, Cheese Schnitzel with Blueberry Sauce or one of our vegetarian Schnitzel options - there is something for everyone. To complement our Schnitzels you can choose one of our homemade Big Board Schnitzel Dips. Join us on a journey to Schnitzel heaven, unique in Cambodia

    Sunday Closed

Big Board Kitchen

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Big Board Kitchen - Schnitzels(All schnitzels are served with coleslaw & chips)

  1. 001 Big Board Signature Schnitzel Big Board Signature Schnitzel

    A generous serving of succulent schnitzel of your choice, lemon wedges and Big Board sauce
  2. 002 Kampot Pepper Schnitzel Kampot Pepper Schnitzel

    Seasoned with fresh Kampot pepper and served with Big Board sauce
  3. 003 Garlic Lover's Schnitzel Garlic Lover's Schnitzel

    Garlic schnitzel for garlic lover, served with homemade garlic sauce
  4. 004 Big Board Schnitzel with Khmer Curry Sauce Big Board Schnitzel with Khmer Curry Sauce

    Served for those who love the spicy side of life
  5. 005 The Big Board Combo The Big Board Combo

    A combination of cheese spring roll, schnitzel and eggplant schnitzel, served with Big Board sauce and garlic sauce.
  6. 006 Cheese Schnitzel Cheese Schnitzel

    Pork schnitzel stuffed with melted cheese, served with blueberry sauce
  7. 007 Cordon Bleu Cordon Bleu

    Chicken schnitzel filled with ham and cheese, served with homemade tomato sauce
  8. 008 Vegetarian Schnitzel Vegetarian Schnitzel

    Eggplant schnitzel and crumbed tofu balls, served with Big Board sauce and sweet & sour sauce
  9. 009 Big Board Schnitzel with Kampot Pepper Sauce Big Board Schnitzel with Kampot Pepper Sauce

    Served with the chef's special Kampot pepper wine sauce. Choose chicken or pork.

Big Board Kitchen - Additional Salad

Big Board Kitchen - Appetizer

  1. 001 Chips & Dips Chips & Dips

    Served with two homemade sauce of your choice of either Big Board sauce, garlic sauce , mayonnaise or ketchup
  2. 002 Cheese Spring Rolls Cheese Spring Rolls

    Served with blueberry sauce
  3. 003 Crumbed Tofu Balls Crumbed Tofu Balls

    Served with homemade tomato sauce

Big Board Kitchen - Beverages

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