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  1. Blue Dolphin
    30 street 172, Phnom Penh,
    • Delivery in 45 mins
    • Delivery fee: $1.00
    • Minimal Order: $5.00
    • Max delivery distance: 8 km

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    Blue Dolphin is a small restaurant located in street 172, serving Western and Khmer Cuisine  for very affordable price. Give it a try and you will see by yourself, their cordon bleu worth it for instance.

    Order it now just below and get delivered to your place within the hour. Enjoy your meal with MealTemple

Blue Dolphin

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Delivery Menu

  1. 001 Chicken Cordon Bleu Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Ham, cheese, and bread crumb, fresh salad with mash potato and bean
  2. 002 Chicken Penne Pasta Chicken Penne Pasta

    Chicken, tomato, spinach, cream sauce
  3. 003 Chicken Rabedo Chicken Rabedo

    Cheese, cabbage, ham with red wine sauce chip and vegetable
  4. 004 House Special Pizza (medium size) House Special Pizza (medium size)

    Mushroom, ham, tomato, green pepper onion
  5. 005 Khmer Beef Lok Lac Khmer Beef Lok Lac

    Lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper served with Kompot pepper sauce
  6. 007 Pan fried pork with bread crumb Pan fried pork with bread crumb

    Mash potato salad served with black butter sauce
  7. 008 Spaghetti Cabonara Spaghetti Cabonara

    Bacon, mushroom, cream sauce
  8. 009 Special Khmer Char kreung Lamb Special Khmer Char kreung Lamb

    Hot spicy lamb, green pepper, onion, green bean, chili, basil, Khmer Kreung paste served with rice
  9. 010 Tagliatelle Ala Salmon Tagliatelle Ala Salmon

    Creamy spinach topped with smoked salmon
  10. 011 Traditional Khmer Fish Amok Traditional Khmer Fish Amok

  11. 013 Warm Goat Cheese Salad Warm Goat Cheese Salad

    French Dressing, tomato, topped with oven roasted Goat cheese
  12. 014 Spaghetti Belognese  Spaghetti Belognese

    Red wine, white wine, Black pepper, Green pepper, and Gravy sauce
  13. 015 Lamb Leg Steak Lamb Leg Steak

    200g / 300g
  14. 016 Rib Eye Steak ( AUS ) Rib Eye Steak ( AUS )

    200g / 300g
  15. 017 T Bone Steak T Bone Steak

    300g up
  16. 022 Seabass Steak Seabass Steak

    200g / 300g
  17. 023 Salmon Steak Salmon Steak

    200g / 300g
  18. 024 Tuna Steak Tuna Steak

    200g / 300g

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24 Item(s)

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