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  1. Comme à la maison
    13 STREET 57 c288, Phnom Penh,
    Bakery, Breakfast, French, Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches / Wraps
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    Comme à la maison is an authentic French restaurant serving you traditional french meals but also some varieties from Western culture. Try out their delightful salads and pasta, you will definitely ask for some more.

    Order it now right below and get delivered within the hour ! Enjoy your meal with MealTemple.

Comme à la maison

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Comme à la maison-Salads

  1. 01 Maraîchère Salad Maraîchère Salad

    mixed raw vegetables according to the market
  2. 02 Tomate Feta Salad Tomate Feta Salad

    tomato, feta, olive oil, basil
  3. 03 Grecque Salad Grecque Salad

    mixed leaves salad, tomato, cucumber, onion, capsicum, feta, olives, basil
  4. 04 Chèvre Chaud Salad Chèvre Chaud Salad

    mixed leaves salad, croutons, roasted goat cheese, walnut, apple
  5. 05 Niçoise Salad Niçoise Salad

    romaine salad, tomato, cucumber, onion, capsicum, soft-boiled egg, tuna, anchovy, olives
  6. 06 Caesar Salad Caesar Salad

    romaine salad, croutons, chicken, egg, capers, parmesan
  7. 07 Fermière Salad Fermière Salad

    mixed leaves salad, carrot, onion, chicken, fried potatoes, soft-boiled egg
  8. 08 Paysanne Salad Paysanne Salad

    mixed leaves salad, croutons, bacon, onion, poached egg
  9. 09 Lardon Bleu Salad Lardon Bleu Salad

    mixed leaves salad, blue cheese, walnut, bacon
  10. 10 Paris/Phnom Penh Salad Paris/Phnom Penh Salad

    mixed leaves salad, tomato, fried mushrooms, croutons,cheddar, cooked ham, boiled egg

Comme à la maison-Sandwiches (baguette)

  1. 01  Sandwiche Cheddar Sandwiche Cheddar

    mayonnaise, salad, tomato, cucumber, cheddar
  2. 02 Sandwiche Tomate, Feta Sandwiche Tomate, Feta

    pesto, tomato, feta, pepper
  3. 03 Sandwiche Fromage Sandwiche Fromage

    salad sauce, salad, cheese of your choice: brie / goat cheese / comté / blue,…
  4. 05 Sandwiche Saumon Fumé Sandwiche Saumon Fumé

    cream cheese, salad, smoked salmon, cucumber, caper, dill
  5. 06 Sandwiche Poulet Mayonnaise Sandwiche Poulet Mayonnaise

    mayonnaise, salad, tomato, cucumber, chicken
  6. 07 Sandwiche Rillettes Cornichons Sandwiche Rillettes Cornichons

    Minced pork, gherkins
  7. 08  Sandwiche Jambon Beurre Sandwiche Jambon Beurre

    butter, ham, gherkins
  8. 09  Sandwiche Jambon Fromage Sandwiche Jambon Fromage

    salad, ham, cheddar, cucumber
  9. 10 Sandwiche Jambon Cru Sandwiche Jambon Cru

    butter, raw ham, gherkins
  10. 11  Sandwiche Jambon Cru Pesto Sandwiche Jambon Cru Pesto

    pesto, rucolla, raw ham, dried tomato, parmesan, olive
  11. 12  Sandwiche Chipolatas Sandwiche Chipolatas

    mustard, salad, pork sausages
  12. 13 Sandwiche Merguez Sandwiche Merguez

    mustard or harissa, salad, spicy beef & lamb sausages
  13. 14 Cheeseburger, Sauce Poivre Vert Cheeseburger, Sauce Poivre Vert

    sesame burger bun, green peppercorn sauce, salad, ground beef, cheddar, tomato, onion, coleslaw

Comme à la maison-Snacks

  1. 01  Quiche Epinard Quiche Epinard

    spinach & cheese pie, mixed salad
  2. 02 Quiche Lorraine Quiche Lorraine

    bacon & cheese pie, mixed salad
  3. 03 Croque Monsieur Croque Monsieur

    toasted ham & cheese sandwich, mixed salad
  4. 04  Croque Madame Croque Madame

    toasted ham & cheese sandwich topped with fried egg and tomato, mixed salad

Comme à la maison-Soups

  1. 01 Gazpacho de Tomate Gazpacho de Tomate

    cold tomato gazpacho
  2. 02 Soupe Minestrone Soupe Minestrone

    diced vegetables soup
  3. 03 Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée

    gratined onion soup
  4. 04  Soupe de Poisson Soupe de Poisson

    fish soup, mozzarella, croutons, rouille sauce
  5. 05 Soupe de Crevettes, Citronnelle et Piment Soupe de Crevettes, Citronnelle et Piment

    Shrimps Soup ‘’Tom Yam’’

Comme à la maison-Pasta

  1. 01 Tagliatelles Ratatouille Tagliatelles Ratatouille

    tagliatelle, tomato, onion, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, cooked in olive oil
  2. 02 Tagliatelles Chèvre et Pistou Tagliatelles Chèvre et Pistou

    tagliatelle, roasted goat cheese, green pesto
  3. 03 Tagliatelles aux Fruits de Mer Tagliatelles aux Fruits de Mer

    tagliatelle, sauteed clams, scallops, squid, shrimps, sauce of your choice: see seafood section
  4. 04  Tagliatelles Carbonara Tagliatelles Carbonara

    tagliatelle, cream, bacon, mushrooms, egg yolk
  5. 05 Tagliatelles Bolognaise Tagliatelles Bolognaise

    tagliatelle, tomato sauce, minced beef, sweet chilli
  6. 06 Lasagnes Provençales Lasagnes Provençales

    lasagna, tomato sauce, minced beef, green olives, béchamel, mozzarella served with mixed salad
  7. 07  Raviolis Gratinés aux Epinards Raviolis Gratinés aux Epinards

    spinach & feta ravioli, cheese sauce, mozzarella
  8. 08  Raviolis Gratinés au Boeuf Raviolis Gratinés au Boeuf

    minced beef ravioli, tomato sauce, mozzarella

Comme à la maison-Pizza Rosso & Bianco

  1. 01  Margherita  Pizza Margherita Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, oregano
  2. 02 Four Seasons  Pizza Four Seasons Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, onion, red capsicum, zucchini, eggplant, oregano
  3. 03 Funghi Pizza Funghi Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, parsley
  4. 04 Cinquo Formaggi Pizza Cinquo Formaggi Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, cheddar, feta, blue, parmesan
  5. 05 Napolitaine Pizza Napolitaine Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, anchovy, black olives, oregano
  6. 06  Marinara Pizza Marinara Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, clams, squid, scallops, shrimps
  7. 07 Spicy Beef Pizza Spicy Beef Pizza

    tomato, ground beef, mozzarella, green pepper, sweet chilli
  8. 08 Reine Pizza Reine Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, mushrooms, parsley
  9. 09 Hawaï Pizza Hawaï Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, green pepper, cooked ham, pineapple, mushrooms, oregano
  10. 10 Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, green pepper, pepperoni, black olives, oregano
  11. 11  Parma Pizza Parma Pizza

    tomato, mozzarella, green olives, oregano, raw ham, parmesan
  12. 12  Bianco Funghi Pizza Bianco Funghi Pizza

    fried mushrooms,cream, cheddar, parsley
  13. 13 Bianco Verde Pizza Bianco Verde Pizza

    spinach in garlic butter, cream, mozzarella
  14. 14 Green Scandic Pizza Green Scandic Pizza

    spinach in garlic butter, cream, mozzarella, smoked salmon, capers, dill
  15. 15 No Tomato Pizza No Tomato Pizza

    onion compote, cream, bacon, cheddar, parsley

Comme à la maison-Fishes & Seafood

  1. 01 Carpaccio de Poisson Carpaccio de Poisson

    sliced raw fish fillet, green pesto , lime rocket salad, parmesan, capers, garnish of you
  2. 02 Filet de Capitaine Filet de Capitaine

    steamed, fried or grilled sea fish fillet, sauce and garnish of your choice
  3. 03 Filet de Saumon Filet de Saumon

    steamed, fried or grilled salmon fillet, sauce and garnish of your choice
  4. 04 Amok de Poisson au Four Amok de Poisson au Four

    barramundi fish, vegetables and herbs, red curry and coconut milk baked in banana leaf

Comme à la maison-Meats

  1. 01  Poulet Rôti Poulet Rôti

    baked chicken leg with onion & mixed herbs garnish of your choice
  2. 02 Brochettes de Pork Grillées Brochettes de Pork Grillées

    grilled pork skewers, sauce and garnish of your choice
  3. 03 Côte de Porc Grillée Côte de Porc Grillée

    grilled pork chop, sauce and garnish of your choice
  4. 04 Carpaccio de Boeuf Carpaccio de Boeuf

    sliced raw beef fillet, green pesto, lime rocket salad, parmesan, capers, garnish of your choice
  5. 05  Brochettes de Boeuf Grillées Brochettes de Boeuf Grillées

    grilled beef skewers, sauce and garnish of your choice
  6. 06 Steack de Boeuf Grillé Steack de Boeuf Grillé

    grilled beef steak, sauce and garnish of your choice
  7. 07  Pavé de Boeuf Grillé Pavé de Boeuf Grillé

    grilled beef fillet steak, sauce and garnish of your choice
  8. 08  Merguez Grillées Merguez Grillées

    grilled spicy beef & lamb sausages, mustard or harissa, garnish of your choice
  9. 09  Brochettes d’Agneau Grillées Brochettes d’Agneau Grillées

    grilled lamb skewers with rosemary & olive oil garnish of your choice
  10. 10  Côtes d’Agneau Grillées Côtes d’Agneau Grillées

    grilled lamb chops with rosemary & olive oil garnish of your choice
  11. 11  Boudin Noir, Purée et Pommes Flambées Boudin Noir, Purée et Pommes Flambées

    black pudding, mustard, mashed potatoes, flamed apples

Comme à la maison-Cheese & Desserts

  1. 01  Assiette de Fromages Assiette de Fromages

    brie, comté, blue cheese, goat cheese, with mixed leaves salad, apple, grape, walnu

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