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  1. Dakasi Aeon Mall
    #132n St Sothearos, Phnom Penh,
    Beverages, Bubble Tea, Iced Tea, Smoothie & Chiller
    • Delivery in 30 mins
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    Dakasi-The Best Milk Tea You've Ever Tasted. Try Dakasi drinks, for an average of $2 per drink, you will have the choice among their Tea based drinks or Smoothies or even Brand Special. Need some refreshments? Then Dakasi Aeon Mall is the perfect place to chill out and get some rest.

    For those who can't wait to drink their Dakasi drink no worries, you can get it to your home or even your office in a record time ! Order right below and get delivered to your door within the hour. Enjoy your drinks with MealTemple

Dakasi Aeon Mall

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Brand Special

  1. 001 Bubble Milk Tea Bubble Milk Tea

    Super Star !!
  2. 005 Oreo Cookie Milk Tea Oreo Cookie Milk Tea


Incense Taste

  1. 003 Barley Tea Barley Tea


Yakult Series

Matcha Series

  1. 001 Matcha Tea & Plumule Milk Matcha Tea & Plumule Milk

  2. 002 Matcha Tea & Red Bean Milk Matcha Tea & Red Bean Milk


Aromatic Milk Tea

  1. 002 Plumule Milk Tea Plumule Milk Tea


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