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  1. Farm to Table
    #16, Street 360, corner street 57, BKK, Phnom Penh,
    Breakfast, Environment friendly packaging, Organic, Probiotics, Salads, Sandwiches / Wraps, Vegetarian
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    Farm to Table is an outdoor restaurant and community space providing healthy & sustainably produced dishes. We feature the freshest seasonal produce by partnering with growers, farmers, and cooperatives in Cambodia to support local organic farming.

Farm to Table

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Farm to Table - Breakfast

  1. 002 Banana Pancakes (vg,gf) Banana Pancakes (vg,gf)

    crepe-like pancakes, stacked with banana, mango jam and palm sugar syrup
  2. 004 Whole Grain Toasts (v,*) Whole Grain Toasts (v,*)

    tasty toast trio – tahini hummus with roast pumpkin – sundried tomato spread with burst cherry tomatoes – beetroot remoulade & radish
  3. 005 Farm House Breakfast Farm House Breakfast

    Two eggs of your choice, bacon, farm sausage, sautéed sweet potato cubes & homemade ketchup
  4. 006 Huevos Rancheros (vg) Huevos Rancheros (vg)

    homemade tomato & bean sauce, salsa, fresh coriander, topped with two fried eggs and served with four tortillas
  5. 007 Warm Cinnamon Roll (vg) Warm Cinnamon Roll (vg)

    Served with three scrambled eggs and seasonal fruit cup
  6. 008 Simply Nuts (v, *) Simply Nuts (v, *)

    A joyfully nutty breakfast…two sourdough toasts layered with Cashew-Almond and Salted Chocolate Cashew nut butter. Served with mango jam and tropical fruit

Farm to Table - Smalls

  1. 001 Quesadilla ( vg ) Quesadilla ( vg )

    cheddar cheese melted over tomatoes, marinated sweet bell peppers, red cabbage and sautéed spinach, folded into fresh flour tortilla and served with sour cream & pineapple salsa.Add chicken or Beef Brisket 6.5$
  2. 002 Beets n Rhyme (vg,gf) Beets n Rhyme (vg,gf)

    beetroot and local been falafel, dried coconut, bright purple hummus, caramelized baby beets, goats cheese, pickled shallot, sundried tomatoes, roast pineapple dressing. vegan option: Replace goats cheese with fresh avocado
  3. 003 Fried Cauliflower Poppers (v, gf) Fried Cauliflower Poppers (v, gf)

    Served with mint & tamarind sauce
  4. 004 Coconut-crusted Chicken Strips (gf) Coconut-crusted Chicken Strips (gf)

    Served with tamarind ketchup
  5. 005 Sweet Potato Skins (vg,gf) Sweet Potato Skins (vg,gf)

    sweet potato skins stuffed with spicy beans, tomato ragu, topped with cheddar cheese & sour cream

Farm to Table - Salads

  1. 001 Thai Steak Noodle Salad (gf,*,df) Thai Steak Noodle Salad (gf,*,df)

    stir fried Thai marinated beef strips, vermicelli noodles, beansprouts, grilled pineapple, basil, cucumber and spiced cashew nuts
  2. 002 Roarted Pumpkin ( v * ) Roarted Pumpkin ( v * )

    Roast pumpkin wedges, caramelized onion, charred corn, burst cherry tomatoes, soy-glased red cabbage, spinach, turmeric tahini dressing, lime-leaf spiced cashew nuts.
  3. 003 Persimmon & Goat Cheese (vg, gf) Persimmon & Goat Cheese (vg, gf)

    Walnuts, pomegranate pearls, pickled onion, arugula, greens, house vinaigrette
  4. 004 Grilled Chicken Cobb (gf) Grilled Chicken Cobb (gf)

    Chicken breast, crisp bacon, charred corn, feta boiled eggs, chives, tomato, mixed greens, lime vinaigrette

Farm to Table - Bows

  1. 001 Green Bowl ( v,df*) Green Bowl ( v,df*)

    Hearty broccoli florets, crunchy green beans, wilted spinach, zucchini shavings, bok choy and mung beans with ginger soy dressing, roasted cashew nuts. Add chicken 6.75$
  2. 002 Red Bowl ( dg, gf ) Red Bowl ( dg, gf )

    Braised pulled beef Brisket, sauteed red bell peppers, cherry tomato, red cabbage, pickled beetroot, tangy BBQ sauce.
  3. 003 Yellow Bowl ( gf, df, vg ) Yellow Bowl ( gf, df, vg )

    Charred corn, spiced pumpkin chunks, poached egg, roasted yellow bell pepper, grilled pineapple, bean sprouts, turmeric tahini, dressing.

Farm to Table - Sandwiches

  1. 001 Grilled Greek Wrap (v,df,*) Grilled Greek Wrap (v,df,*)

    grilled eggplant, hummus, sundried tomato pesto, rocket, basil, cherry tomatoes & marinated bell peppers
  2. 002 Clucking Good (*)  Clucking Good (*)

    lime marinated chicken breast, crispy bacon, leafy greens, sundried tomato pesto, feta cheese
  3. 003 Beef Brisket  Beef Brisket

    braised pulled beef brisket, melted cheddar cheese, coleslaw, pickled cucumber, crisp red cabbage, mustard dressing
  4. 004 Farm Burger Farm Burger

    our in-house 100% local burger with a homemade patty, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese & bacon
  5. 005 Spicy Jack (v) Spicy Jack (v)

    BBQ pulled jackfruit, roasted bell pepper, coleslaw, chipotle cashew cheese, sourdough
  6. 006 Korean Pulled Pork Korean Pulled Pork

    Slow-cooked & marinated La Ferme de Bassac pork shoulder bun with crunchy Asian slaw

Farm to Table - Something Substantial

  1. 001 Chicken Curry (gf,df) Chicken Curry (gf,df)

    creamy coconut-based curry served with seasonal veggies and steamed brown rice
  2. 002 Cauliflower Kung Pao (v,df) Cauliflower Kung Pao (v,df)

    satisfying spicy stir-fry - cauliflower, bell peppers, spring onion, coriander and crunchy cashews Sichuan-style with La Plantation red pepper served with steamed brown rice.
  3. 003 Pork Ribs (df) Pork Ribs (df)

    sticky and tender Pork ribs, tamarind and Cambodia Beer glaze served with chunky roast vegetables and garlic aioli
  4. 004 Pork Ribs ( df ) Pork Ribs ( df )

    Sticky and tender pork ribs, tamarind & Cambodia beer glaze served with chunky roast vegetables, garlic aioli
  5. 005 Cauliblower Kung Pao ( v, df ) Cauliblower Kung Pao ( v, df )

    Satisfying spicy stir-fry- cauliflower, bell peppers, chilis, spring onion, coriander and crunchy cashew Sichuan-style with La Plantation Red pepper served with steamed brown rice. Sauteed goodness!
  6. 006 Seabass (gf,df) Seabass (gf,df)

    Tender white fish fillet, seasoned sweet potato mash, bell pepper medley, basil & coriander herb salad

Farm to Table - Something Sweet

  1. 001 Classic Pumpkin Pie (v,gf) Classic Pumpkin Pie (v,gf)

    A cool-weather dessert, perfectly spiced for the festive season topped with coconut whipped cream

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