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  1. Greek Souvlaki TK
    Toul kork street 606, Phnom penh,
    European, Mediterranean, Salads, Sandwiches & Wraps, Wester
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Greek Souvlaki TK

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Greek Souvlaki - Menus

  1. 008 Rice Rice

  2. 001 Trojan Souvlaki Trojan Souvlaki

    Troy chose this dish over Helen. A giant feast of two large pork or chicken sticks, pitta bread, tzatziki,fries and Greek salad.
  3. 003 Moussaka – The signature dish of Greece Moussaka – The signature dish of Greece

    Oven baked potatoes, layered with aubergines cooked in olive oil and covered with mincemeat, finished off with a creamy cheese béchamel sauce. A memorable dish.
  4. 004 Pastichio – The Greek pasta dish for Gods Pastichio – The Greek pasta dish for Gods

    Beautifully prepared pasta with layers of mince meat, seasoned to perfection and topped with a delicious cream cheese béchamel sauce. A gift forever.
  5. 005 Greek tomato beef stew (Kokkinisto) Greek tomato beef stew (Kokkinisto)

    Kokkino is Greek for red and that is the rich red tomato sauce that is 100% beef stew is stewed in to produce a soft delicate texture. A perfect accompaniment is rice, greek fries or just pita bread.
  6. 006 Keftedes (Meatballs) Keftedes (Meatballs)

    Meatballs with salad, pitta bread, tzatziki. Light fried meatballs from pork/beef mix with Greek salad, pitta bread made by our own recipe and tzatziki sauce from our yoghurt.
  7. 007 Greek Shrimp Saganaki Greek Shrimp Saganaki

    Succulent prawn cooked in a rich tomato, onion, green pepper, Ouzo, spice sauce, that combines with slight saltiness of the prawn to produce a mount-watering experience.
  8. 009 Twin Souvlaki stick Twin Souvlaki stick

    Two pork or chicken souvlaki sticks served with fries and tzatziki sauce.
  9. 010 Single Souvlaki stick Rice Single Souvlaki stick Rice

    One pork or chicken souvlaki stick served with fries, rice and salad Greek style with small tzatziki.
  10. 011 Gyros and hummus on pitta Gyros and hummus on pitta

    Pork Gyros or chicken Gyros on a bed of our own made hummus with salad/veg to accompany.
  11. 012 Hummus Greek style Hummus Greek style

    We take chick peas, tahini, lime and spices and make this popular middle eastern dish our own. Some things are too good to share but this dish is a popular starter for two to four people
  12. 013 Papoutsakia (Literally small shoes) Papoutsakia (Literally small shoes)

    A delicious dish of oven baked aubergines with mince meat stuffing, covered in a light creamy béchamel sauce.
  13. 014 Classic Gemista Classic Gemista

    A delicious oven baked dish of bell peppers (green, red or yellow) or large tomatoes stuffed with rice, mixed with mince meat.
  14. 015 Gyros plate Gyros plate

    Pork or chicken gyros on a plate with cucumber, tomato and onion and our own recipe pitta bread, along with our own yoghurt sauce tzatziki. Fries accompanies this plate.
  15. 016 Classic Gyros Classic Gyros

    One pitta bread wrap with chicken or pork gyros, tzatziki sauce, cucumber, tomato and onion.
  16. 017 The Greek Salad The Greek Salad

    No Greek would be seen in a restaurant without his Greek salad. This is what Greece is all about. Tomato,cucumber, onions, olives, green pepper and feta cheese.
  17. 018 Chick Pea Salad Chick Pea Salad

    Chick peas on Greek Salad with feta cheese, a popular variation from traditional Greek salad as they add another healthy element in the chick peas. Seasoned and spiced lightly to produce a nutritious and delicious plate
  18. 024 Poseidon seafood platter Poseidon seafood platter

    The king of sea Gods. Fish of the day and prawn fried in flour, calamari rings with prawns fried in flour all with Greek salad, beetroot salad, skordalia potato/garlic mash.
  19. 025 Homemade stuffed vine leave ( Dolmades ) Homemade stuffed vine leave ( Dolmades )

    A favorite family activity is all sitting around the table and rolling a wonder blend of rice and spice plus herb into perfectly shaped vine leaf parcels and then waiting for them to stew slowly until cooked, then dipped in homemade yogurt. mama would have been proud of us.
  20. 026 Greek Spinach pie ( Spanakopita ) Greek Spinach pie ( Spanakopita )

    The secret of this delicious gem is the homemade pastry. The savory pastry envelopes the spinach, dill, feta, herb and spice mixture to make small gastronomic explosion in every bite. Not to be missed.
  21. 027 Zeus Souvlaki Platter Zeus Souvlaki Platter

    Fit for the king o gods. souvlaki sticks, bread, hummus, tzatziki, eggplant hummus, greek fries feta cheese, onion, tomato, cucumber, black olive, mint, lemon.
  22. 028 The Greek Tycoon Dip Platter The Greek Tycoon Dip Platter

    Eat like an oligarch six popular Greek dips-beetroot and garlic dip, hummus Greek style, tzatziki eggplant hummus, eggplant dip, and skordalia (garlic-potato dip) with cucumber, green pepper, carrot, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, black olive, feta cheeses, coriander, olive oil Greek seasoning and pita bread.
  23. 029 Crispy Calamari with sauce Crispy Calamari with sauce

    Crispy calamari lightly floured and deep fried with sauce of the day
  24. 030 Greek Zucchini/Aubergine Greek Zucchini/Aubergine

    Fried zucchini and aubergine. we love this veggie balance to our meal. lightly fried zucchini and aubergine, wonderfully accompanied with our homemade dip.

Greek Souvlaki - Coffee

Greek Souvlaki - Detox

  1. 001 Carrot Cucumber Detox Carrot Cucumber Detox

    carrot, cucumber, lemon
  2. 002 Cucumber Apple Detox Cucumber Apple Detox

    cucumber, apple, mint, ginger
  3. 003 Carrot Ginger Detox Carrot Ginger Detox

    carrot, ginger

Greek Souvlaki - Fresh Juice

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