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  1. Lemongrass
    #14, Street 130, Phnom Penh,
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    Lemongrass is a narrow indoor restaurant with an intimate feel.
    They serve classical Thai and Khmer cuisine at an affordable price.
    There is also a small second floor loft with cushioned seating on the floor.


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Lemongrass - Personal Platters

  1. 1001 Kaow Pad Kaow Pad

    Fried rice with shrimp, chicken, beef or pork
  2. 1002 Pad Thai Pad Thai

    Noodles fried with shrimp, chicken, pork, beef
  3. 1003 Lat Nah Lat Nah

    Wide noodles in thick gravy with pork or chicken
  4. 1004 Pad Siew Pad Siew

    Wide noodles fried in soy sauce with green pepper, long bean, egg, holy basil, Thai basil (a choice of seafood, duck, beef, chicken , pork )
  5. 1005 Pad Kee Moa Pad Kee Moa

    Fried rice with pineapple ( a choice of seafood,duck, beef, chicken, pork)
  6. 1006 Khao Pad Sabrot Khao Pad Sabrot

    Fried rice with pineapple ( a choice of seafood,duck, beef, chicken, pork)
  7. 1007 Khao Kluk Kapi Khao Kluk Kapi

    Fried rice with shrimp paste
  8. 1008 Khao Pad Kaphrao Khao Pad Kaphrao

    Fried rice with holy basil (a choice of pork, chicken, beef)

Lemongrass - Soup and Salads

  1. 1001 Nhoam Pram Chak Poa Nhoam Pram Chak Poa

    Five colors salad with chicken veggies
  2. 1002 Nhoam Tha-Yeung Check Nhoam Tha-Yeung Check

    Banana blossom salad with chicken and carrot
  3. 1003 Samlor M'chou Hil Trei Cha Samlor M'chou Hil Trei Cha

    Tom Yum's style smoked Mekong fish soup
  4. 1004 Samlor M'Chou Yuan Samlor M'Chou Yuan

    Vietnamese style sour soup with pineapple and fish
  5. 1005 Samlor M'Chou Kroeung Saht Ko Samlor M'Chou Kroeung Saht Ko

    Spicy beef and watercress sour soup
  6. 1006 Samlor Chie Chay Samlor Chie Chay

    Dry seaweed with minced pork. tofu,spring onions
  7. 1007 Nhoam M'nous Nhoam M'nous

    Chopped pineapple with chicken, boiled egg, salad, Thai basil
  8. 1008 Soup Misour Sach Chruk Soup Misour Sach Chruk

    Minced pork soup with glass noodle, carrot, mushroom and wombok
  9. 1009 Nhoam Svai Trei Cher Nhoam Svai Trei Cher

    Choice of mango or ambarella, smoke Mekong fish with mango or ambarella, garlic, topped cashew nuts and basil
  10. 1010 Nhoam Sandeak Kour Nhoam Sandeak Kour

    Long beans salad chicken mixed with long beans, basil
  11. 1011 Nhoam Kroeav Chuck Nhoam Kroeav Chuck

    Lotus root salad chicken mixed with lotus root, basil

Lemongrass - Khmer Main Dishes

  1. 1001 Samlor Kari Samlor Kari

    Rice beef or Chicken peanut curry with vegetables
  2. 1002 Cha Troap Dott Cha Troap Dott

    Grilled eggplant with fried pork
  3. 1003 Kong Kep Cha k'nyey Kong Kep Cha k'nyey

    Frogs fried with shredded ginger (a Khmer favorite)
  4. 1004 Koh Tiou Koh Tiou

    Caramelized pork with kampot black pepper
  5. 1005 Cha Sach Kor Ktem Kro Horm Cha Sach Kor Ktem Kro Horm

    Choice of red onion or broccoli with beef and oyster sauce
  6. 1006 Sak Kor Chat Phet Sak Kor Chat Phet

    Fried mushroom with beef & oyster sauce
  7. 1007 Lok Lak Saht Ko Lok Lak Saht Ko

    Diced beef with French Fries, Onion sand tomatoes
  8. 1008 Samlor Korko Samlor Korko

    Grind Mekong fish fillet blend with lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, Khmer spinach, green papaya

Lemongrass - Seafood Specialties

  1. 1001 Boo Jah Boo Jah

    Crab carapace stuffed with barbed crab and pork
  2. 1002 Mueg Phat Pong Kari Mueg Phat Pong Kari

    Fresh squid fried in yellow curry powder
  3. 1003 Pla Raht Prik Pla Raht Prik

    Whole fried sea bass with tamarind sauce
  4. 1004 Sooshee Gung Sooshee Gung

    Ocean tiger prawns simmered in red curry
  5. 1005 Plaa Mueg Nung Manao Plaa Mueg Nung Manao

    Steamed squid in garlic lemon sauce
  6. 1006 Gong Ouk Won Sen Gong Ouk Won Sen

    Roasted tiger prawn with glass noodle, spring onions, garlic, soy sauce and fresh pork fat
  7. 1007 Ocean Tiger Prawn Soup Ocean Tiger Prawn Soup

    Tiger prawns soup with lemongrass, fresh lime juice and Thai basil

Lemongrass - Thai Salad

  1. 1001 Gong Check Nam Plaa Gong Check Nam Plaa

    Fresh Shrimp with garlic and limon sauce
  2. 1002 Som Tam Som Tam

    Pestle-pounded spicy green papaya salad
  3. 1003 Yum Woon Sen Taley Yum Woon Sen Taley

    Spicy minced pork or beef salad with mixed seafood
  4. 1004 Laab Laab

    Spicy minced pork or beef salad with onions & spice
  5. 1005 Nua Yang Nam Tok Nua Yang Nam Tok

    Marinated grilled beef salad with onions & spice
  6. 1006 Yam Makhua Yao Yam Makhua Yao

    Grilled eggplant with minced pork, chilli and garlic

Lemongrass - Dip Style

  1. 1001 Nam Prik Kapi Nam Prik Kapi

    Shrimp paste dip served with steamed vegetables
  2. 1002 Nam Prik Pla Too Nam Prik Pla Too

    Vegetables served with a delicious dip made from deep fried savoury fish, garlic , chilli and lime juice
  3. 1003 Nam Meang Nam Meang

    Grind green bean with smoked Mekong fish
  4. 1004 Meang Meang

    Wrap it your self rice paper spring rolls...includes chicken, vegetables and seasoning
  5. 1005 Kai Lok Khery Kai Lok Khery

    Boiled eggs with tamarind dipping sauce
  6. 1006 Tek Kroeung Tek Kroeung

    Grind fillet of Mekong fish blend with Khmer cheese sauce served with mixed vegetables
  7. 1007 Prohok Sach Chrok Cngram Prohok Sach Chrok Cngram

    Minced pork with Khmer cheese served with fresh vegetables

Lemongrass - Main Dishes

  1. 1001 Massaman Nuea Massaman Nuea

    Beef and potatoes in a thick savoury peanut curry
  2. 1002 Gaeng Kiew Wan Gaeng Kiew Wan

    Green coconut vegetable curry with chicken or beef
  3. 1003 Gaeng Panang Gaeng Panang

    Thick red curry with beef or pork and kaffir lime leaves
  4. 1004 Gaeng Tae po Gaeng Tae po

    Tamarind curry with vegetables , pork and kaffir lime leaves
  5. 1005 Tom Yam Goong Tom Yam Goong

    Fragrant lemongrass soup with shrimp
  6. 1006 Tom Kha Gai Tom Kha Gai

    Coconut cream soup with chicken and Thai spices
  7. 1007 Amok Ta Lay Amok Ta Lay

    Seafood morsels steamed in a moist-curry
  8. 1008 Gai Hor Baiy Takhai Gai Hor Baiy Takhai

    Marinated cut of chicken wrapped in fragrant lemongrass
  9. 1009 Pad Pak Sisahai Pad Pak Sisahai

    Four varieties of fried long cut mixed vegetables
  10. 1010 Pad Priew Wan Pad Priew Wan

    Sweet and sour vegetables with fish , pork or chicken
  11. 1011 Pad Ka Pow Pad Ka Pow

    Basil, chilli and garlic with minced chicken , beef or pork
  12. 1012 Gai Pasd Med Mamuang Gai Pasd Med Mamuang

    Chicken with cashews nuts, onion , peppers and long-beans
  13. 1013 Prik Gai Tod Prik Gai Tod

    Fried chicken wings
  14. 1014 Pad Phnom Fai deng Pad Phnom Fai deng

    Fried morning glory with oyster sauce and garlic
  15. 1015 Geang Phat Paet Yang Geang Phat Paet Yang

    Duck red curry with apple, pineapple , babe tomatoes, Thai eggplant
  16. 1016 Geang Sum Plaa Geang Sum Plaa

    Mekong fish with long bean, carrot, cauliflower, water mimosa and wombok

Lemongrass - Snacks and Appetizers

  1. 1001 White Corn Soup White Corn Soup

    White corn soup with coconut cream & Thai basil
  2. 1002 Golden Pumpkin Soup Golden Pumpkin Soup

    Golden pumpkin soup with coconut cream & Thai basil
  3. 1003 Carrot Soup Carrot Soup

    Carrot soup with coconut cream & Thai basil
  4. 1004 Vegetable Soup Vegetable Soup

    Chopping Carrot, Khmer kale, baby corn, cabbage
  5. 1005 Po Pia Tod Po Pia Tod

    Crispy fried spring rolls
  6. 1006 Ga Goung Ga Goung

    Vietnamese-style fresh spring rolls
  7. 1007 Tod Mun Goong Tod Mun Goong

    Savoury shrimp cakes served with sweet plum sauce
  8. 1008 Tod Mun Pla Tod Mun Pla

    Deep fried fish cakes served with sweet chilli sauce
  9. 1009 Satay Satay

    Chicken , pork or beef skewers served with peanut sauce
  10. 1010 Nua Dad Deaw Nua Dad Deaw

    Deep fried sun-dried beef served with chilli sauce
  11. 1011 Kaduk Moo Tod Kratiem Prik Thai Kaduk Moo Tod Kratiem Prik Thai

    Pork spareribs deep fried with garlic and pepper
  12. 1012 Sai Grok I-San Sai Grok I-San

    Savoury pork sausage rounds with ginger and onion
  13. 1013 Khow Tang Na Tang Khow Tang Na Tang

    Crispy rice with coconut and saffron shrimp dip

Lemongrass - Sweets and Desserts

  1. 1001 Sticky Rice With Mango Sticky Rice With Mango

    Sliced mango with sticky rice and coconut cream
  2. 1002 Fruit Platter Fruit Platter

    A selection of fresh seasonal fruits

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