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  1. My Soup House
    #5be0, ST450 (Between ST.105 and ST.123), Sangkat Toul Tom Poung 1, Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh,
    Asian, Khmer, Soups
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    Welcome to My Soup House Restaurant !
    We strive to deliver high quality cuisines with a spin which can be enjoyed every day. In order to achieve such goal, we use organic vegetables to the extent possible, fresh ingredients, delicate and precise cooking methods.
    Our dishes range from Western, Japanese and other Asian cuisines.
    We promise that each dish will have small WOW!s and new discoveries.
    We hope you to enjoy yourself with My Soup House dishes! 

My Soup House

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My Soup House - Salad

  1. 001 Chicken Caesar Salad Chicken Caesar Salad

    Please enjoy the crunchy Lomain lettuce with the moist chicken breast meat with rich taste of caesar dressing. Change to big size +1.00$
  2. 002 Mini Beef Steak with Caesar Salad Mini Beef Steak with Caesar Salad

    A big salad with enough good protein is sometime as ideal meal by itself. Good enough for a medium sized meal.
  3. 003 Shredded Chicken Breast with Spicy Sesame Sauce Shredded Chicken Breast with Spicy Sesame Sauce

    Known as the Bang Bang Ji salad. Please enjoy the irresistible spicy sesame sauce. Change to big size +1.50$
  4. 004 Rocket ( Ruccola ) Salad Rocket ( Ruccola ) Salad

    There is nothing similar with that special aromatic and crunchy taste form those thin green leaves. Tomatoes will bring enough acidity and our homemade bacon will also give the extra amount of flavor to the dish. Change to big size +1.50$
  5. 005 Zucchini Carpaccio Zucchini Carpaccio

    Surprise ! Zucchinis are good when its cooked, but it is even more lively and flavor when it is enjoy fresh. Please enjoy the simple but perfect combination of Zucchinis, walnuts and Grana Padano cheese. Change to big size +2.00$

My Soup House - Appetizers

  1. 001 Hummus & Cherry Tomato Crostini ( 4pc ) Hummus & Cherry Tomato Crostini ( 4pc )

    Chickpea paste, Cherry tomato, Coriander and Olive oil. Please enjoy the strong but pleasant taste of the Hummus, the juicy Cherry Tomatoes and the bursting aroma of the local herb coriander.
  2. 002 Pissaladière Style Crostini ( 4pcs ) Pissaladière Style Crostini ( 4pcs )

    Caramelized Onion, Yogurt Cream Cheese, Black Olive and Anchovies sauce, Fish sauce and Olive oil. Pssaladiere is a originated from Southern France pizza from which is topped with caramelized onion, yogurt cream cheese, olive, garlic and anchovies. The sweetness of onions and sharp saltines of olives and anchovies are the key match of this dish.
  3. 003 Korean Chicken Crostini ( 4pcs ) Korean Chicken Crostini ( 4pcs )

    Veggie Mayo sauce, Seaweed, Chicken breast meat, Gochujang sauce, Pineapple jam, Sesame and Spring onion. The Chicken is marinated in a Gochujang sauce. Nori seaweed also supports the taste of this Crostini.
  4. 004 Caramelized Onion Crostini ( 4pcs ) Caramelized Onion Crostini ( 4pcs )

    Chickpea paste, Garam Masala, Caramelized Onion, Yogurt Cream cheese and Black Pepper. Please enjoy the deep flavors of the caramelized the onion which was cooked for more than one hour. We also use Garam Masala to add some spicy twist. Please enjoy the changing tasted in your mouth.
  5. 005 Pesto Chicken Crostini ( 4pcs ) Pesto Chicken Crostini ( 4pcs )

    Veggie mayo sauce, Chicken breast meat with Phnompenese sauce and Pepper. Please enjoy our juicy and moist chicken meat with our Phnompenese pesto sauce made from local herbs.
  6. 006 Caesar Crostini ( 4pcs ) Caesar Crostini ( 4pcs )

    Phnompenese sauce, Chicken breast meat with Caesar dressing, Egg, Pepper. To simply put it, it's Caesar salad without Romaine lettuce but with Phnompenese Pesto sauce. Please enjoy this new combination of Caesar dressing and the pesto.
  7. 007 Tuna Crostini ( 4pcs ) Tuna Crostini ( 4pcs )

    Yogurt cream cheese, Calamelized onion, Tuna with Caesar dressing and Fresh onion. Tuna with onion is always good combination. This combination becomes more complex by adding our caramelized onion to it. Simple but must try.
  8. 008 Pate de Campagne Crostini with Truffle Flavor ( 4pcs ) Pate de Campagne Crostini with Truffle Flavor ( 4pcs )

    Caesar dressing, Egg, Pork Paté and stuffe oil. This crostini goes so well with red wine.The richness of the Pate with Truffle oil is a smash hit.
  9. 009 4 Cheese Crostini ( 4pcs ) 4 Cheese Crostini ( 4pcs )

    Mozzarella cheese, Camembert cheese, Blue cheese and Grana Padano cheese. Four cheese pizza is so famous. Why not do it with Crostini ? with Honey add 0.50$
  10. 010 Kimchi with Yogurt Cheese Kimchi with Yogurt Cheese

    Our Kimchi comes with Sesame Oil and cream cheese. Not just a boring Kimchi dish.
  11. 011  Fermented Soy Bean ( Natto ) with Onion Fermented Soy Bean ( Natto ) with Onion

    Please use the amount of Dashi sauce depending on your preference. Please mix well before you eat.
  12. 012 Braised Enoki Mushroom with Fresh Pepper Braised Enoki Mushroom with Fresh Pepper

    The Enoki Mushroom and fresh pepper are cooked with soy sauce and good dashi.
  13. 013 Edamame Peperoncino Edamame Peperoncino

    Stir fried soy bean peperoncino style. Salty and spicy flavor is good with beer
  14. 014 Yuzu Pepper Chicken with Rocket ( Ruccola ) Yuzu Pepper Chicken with Rocket ( Ruccola )

    Chicken with spicy citrus seasoning and chopped rocket. Please enjoy the slight fragrance of citrus fruit "Yuzu"
  15. 017 Grilled Cabbage Steak Grilled Cabbage Steak

    However, we have taken time to cook and burn the cabbage slowly, and the fragrance is totally irresistible. The walnut mustard goes so well with the cabbage as well.
  16. 018 Vegetable Sticks with Three Sauce Vegetable Sticks with Three Sauce

    Carrots, Cucumber and White Raddish. With veggie mayo sauce, spicy sesame sauce and Hummus sauce.
  17. 019 Ratatouille Ratatouille

    and we use more than 10 kinds of vegetable s. please enjoy the rich and concentrated flavors from the vegetables. You can also change the taste with adding some elements such as the following. With Aceto Balsamico + 0.50$ With grated Italian Cheese and Olive oil +0.50$ With Phnompenese sauce + 0.50$

My Soup House - Side Dish

  1. 002 Chienese Style Braised Pork Belly Chienese Style Braised Pork Belly

    A chunk of pork bacon is slowly cooked with Chinese spice. Perfect match with beer, Shochu and of course rice.
  2. 003 Garlicky Potato Pork Stew with Cherry Tomato Garlicky Potato Pork Stew with Cherry Tomato

    Potato Pork Stew ( Nikujaga ) is one of the most typical homemade food in Japan. We use Cherry Tomatoes which are not usually sued, and also use salf based garlic sauce rather than the regular soy sause.
  3. 004 Stir Fried Tomato and Bitter Melon Stir Fried Tomato and Bitter Melon

    Stir fried bitter melon and egg is a typical Okinawan dish ( Go-ya Champuru ). We also added tomatoes to add a different level of Umami and to give the dish a slightly tangy spin.
  4. 005 Stir Fried Green Pepper with Chicken Stir Fried Green Pepper with Chicken

    Chicken and the spicy seasoning and nuance from the green pepper is a great much.
  5. 006 5 Grain Rice 5 Grain Rice

    We mixed 5 kind of grains such as Quinoa, Lentil, Black Sesame, Barley and Red Rice with Japanese rice when we cook Mini size 0.50$ / Regular size 1.00$ / Big size 1.50$

My Soup House - Mains

  1. 001 Sous-Vide Chicken with White Wine Sauce Sous-Vide Chicken with White Wine Sauce

    The best way to achieve this is to use a specific method which can cook the meat at the right temperature. Please enjoy the juicy chicken sauce made from white wine, garlic and butter. Ratatouilles on the side.
  2. 002 Chicken with Spicy Sichuan Sauce Chicken with Spicy Sichuan Sauce

    The bright red sauce made it so appealing that it couldn't stop people from drooling. The flavors consists of Chinese pepper corns, homemade spicy Chili oil, Coriander and peanuts.
  3. 003 Chicken with Garlic Oil and Celery Leaves Chicken with Garlic Oil and Celery Leaves

    Our chicken breast is of course juicy, but combined with the homemade garlic oil, it takes to a different word. The perfect herb to accompany this dish was actually Celery leaves. Please give it a try.
  4. 004 Mini Teriyaki Chicken Steak Mini Teriyaki Chicken Steak

    The famous Teriyaki sauce always works perfectly with chicken Change to double size +2.00$
  5. 005 Mini Beef Steak Mini Beef Steak

    With the right cooking method and preparation, Khmer beef can be very tender and full of flavor. We guarantee that it is not the typical shoe sole type of beef steak. The size of the steak is around 110g to 130g per piece. Change to big size +4.50$
  6. 006 Mini Beef Steak with Mint & Blue Cheese Mini Beef Steak with Mint & Blue Cheese

    I have tried a similar dish in Japan, and the totally new combination of blue cheese, mint and Nikiri ( soy sauce based sauce used for sushi ) was a real shock to myself. We tried it tried it with our steak, and of course it works perfectly. Change to big size +5.50$
  7. 007 Red Fish in Sweet Soy Sauce Red Fish in Sweet Soy Sauce

    Red fish cooked in its own broth and soy sauce. It has a fluffy texture and the rich taste of the broth is a perfect match with Japanese sake or Shochu.

My Soup House - Soup

  1. 001 Super Rich Pork Miso Soup Super Rich Pork Miso Soup

    Pork Miso Soup or Tonjiru is enjoyed in various parts of Japan, and each family has its own taste. Our full of vegetables soup is super rich strong flavor from pork broth and aromatic smell of dried bonito. with the special 7 flavor black spice of kyoto + 0.50$
  2. 002 Chicken Espresso Soup Chicken Espresso Soup

    The only ingredients in the soup are cabbage and chicken meat, but this is the authentic way the soup is served. For seasoning, we have added salt and Cambodian fish sauce to create a Japanese Khmer Fusion. Please enjoy by dumping some of the rice into the soup after you tried out the soup.
  3. 003 Kimchi Chige Soup Kimchi Chige Soup

    Another Korean style soup which we make is with Kimchi, Pork meat, Leek and Eggs. Seasoned with Korean Chili Pastes and Miso, this soup is powerful and has a strong impact in its taste.
  4. 004 Five  Mushroom Soup Five Mushroom Soup

    A healthy, low calorie soup with Chicken broth. The taste changes completely when you mix the Yogurt cheese.
  5. 005 Minestrone Soup Minestrone Soup

    We use more than 10 kinds of organic or chemical free vegetables such as Potato, Carrot, Eggplant, Celery, Onion, Tomato, Various Bell peppers, White gourd, Zucchini, Kidney beans and etc in our Minestrone Soup.
  6. 006 Beef Tongue Stew Beef Tongue Stew

    Based on good broth and well cooked tender beef tongue and it can never go wrong.
  7. 008 Veggie Soup Veggie Soup

    This veggie soup became famous that it contributes in burning fat and is great for dieting. Try out our gentle chicken and vegetable broth with hints of ginger.

My Soup House - Rice Dish

  1. 001 Jade Soup Rice Jade Soup Rice

    Simply, it is green colored fried rice in green soup. The green comes from spinach, which makes this dish healthy. The balance of the fried rice matches perfectly with the green soup from the chicken broth.
  2. 004 Japanese Style Curry with Rice Japanese Style Curry with Rice

    Our curry has more than 10 vegetables melted into it, and it`s rich and flavorful. Price : Mini size is $3.0, Regular size is $5.50
  3. 005 Avocado Ratatouille Rice Bowl Avocado Ratatouille Rice Bowl

    Our Ratatouille is cooked with vegetable and salt only. No water, no oil or no other seasoning is added. That is why the Ratatouille can match with various types of food.Try out our Ratatouille rice bowl is served with the rich flavored of Avocado sauce, fried egg and seasoned with the combination of olive oil and soy sauce, which should be a totally new combination to your palate.

My Soup House - Sandwich

  1. 001 BRT Sandwich BRT Sandwich

    our BRT is with homemade Bacon, Tomato and Rocket. The Green somewhat mustard dish nuance goes great with our homemade bacon.
  2. 002 BLT Sandwich BLT Sandwich

    We have classic too. Our BLT sandwich is made from homemade bacon, tomatoes and plenty of lettuce. Caesar dressing and our Veggie Mayonaise sauce is used to boost the flavor.
  3. 003 Tuna Sandwich Tuna Sandwich

    The deep sweetness of caramelized onion and fresh taste from the raw onions are the kick of this sandwich. Please try out this traditional, but new combination.

My Soup House - Spaghetti

  1. 001 My Tomato Sauce Spaghetti My Tomato Sauce Spaghetti

    My tomato sauce spaghetti is made from rich tomato sauce ( without using cream ), Freshly grated Grana Padano Cheese and our home made Phnom Penh sauce ( pesto made with local herbs ).
  2. 003 Spaghetti alla Carbonara Spaghetti alla Carbonara

    We do not use any cram in our Cabonara sauce. The concentrated richness comes from egg yolk, cheese and butter. Not really a full of vegetable healthy dish, but there could be some dishes like that right ? With Truffle Oil + 2.00$
  3. 004 Spaghetti alla Carbonara Japanese Style Spaghetti alla Carbonara Japanese Style

    In our Japanese Carbonara, we use Japanese sake instead of white wine. Japanese seven flavor chilli spice instead of ground black pepper.
  4. 005 Porcini and 5 Mushroom Peperoncino Porcini and 5 Mushroom Peperoncino

    Porcini is said to be the kind of mushroom because of its district smell and flavor. we have also added 5 more mushrooms to enchance the flavor and add complexity to the dish.

My Soup House - Snacks with Alcohol

  1. 001 Grilled Homemade Pancetta Grilled Homemade Pancetta

    Please enjoy our homemade Pancetta and perfect balance of Walnut Mustard and Phnompenese sauce. with the sauce of scotch Whiskey and Pepper ( for single malt loves ) + 1.00$

My Soup House - Desserts

  1. 001 Morning Dew Water Cake Morning Dew Water Cake

    the special translucent water cake looks just like a drop of morning dew on a leaf. the traditional match with this cake is homemade brown sugar syrup and soy bean powder.

My Soup House - Bruntys

  1. 002 Pear Pear


My Soup House-Red Wine(Bottle)

  1. 005 R-8. Bouchard Pere & Fils Nuit Saint Georges 2012 ( France ) R-8. Bouchard Pere & Fils Nuit Saint Georges 2012 ( France )


My Soup House - Bruntys

  1. 002 Pear Pear


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