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  1. One More...
    Street 294 cNorodom near Vego Salad, Phnom Penh,
    French, Western
    • Delivery in 45 mins
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    One more is a cozy Franco-German gastro pub within an English-style bar and restaurant. They offer German, French dishes and other specialities and of course some very nice imported beers. A nice place to chill out and enjoy good things.

    Try their deliverable menu just below and get delivered to your place within the hour. Enjoy your meal with MealTemple

One More...

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  1. 001 Alsatian Salad Alsatian Salad

    saveloy sausage, emmental cheese, onion, red pepper and salad


  1. 001 Beef Stroganoff Beef Stroganoff

    with salad
  2. 002 Beef Terderloin Beef Terderloin

    with salad
  3. 003 Chicken fricassee Chicken fricassee

    with salad
  4. 006 Grilled pork knuckle Grilled pork knuckle

    with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes (order one hour in advance)
  5. 008 Grilled veal sausage Grilled veal sausage

    with onion gravy and roesti
  6. 010 Hunter Schnitzel Hunter Schnitzel

    Pork fillet in mushroom cream
  7. 011 Normand Porc fillet Normand Porc fillet

    Calvados and cider cream
  8. 012 Nuernberg Sausage Nuernberg Sausage

    with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
  9. 014 Sauerkraut (Alsatian) Sauerkraut (Alsatian)

    Order 1 hour in advance
  10. 015 Tartar Steak (220gr) Tartar Steak (220gr)

    with salad
  11. 018 Wiener Schnitzel Wiener Schnitzel

    pork escalope

Other specialties

  1. 003 Kaese spaetzle Kaese spaetzle

    Home made noodles with cheese and onions
  2. 004 Loc Lac Loc Lac

    tenderloin beef sliced in oyster sauce

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34 Item(s)

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