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Cambodian Food or Khmer Food: A Culinary History. To understand Cambodian Food, we must first delve into Khmer (Cambodian) food history. The earliest evidence of human settlement in Cambodia can be seen in 7000 BC while evidence of rice cultivation dated back to 2000 BBC near the Mekong Delta region.

In South-East Asian cuisine, "mok", "amok" or "ho mok" refers to the process of steam cooking a curry in banana leaves, or to the resulting dish. Thick coconut cream and galangal are classic ingredients, added to a wide range of possible kinds of leaves and staple ingredients.

The delicious, rich Cambodian dip called prahok ktis is served with fresh crispy vegetables and makes a great introduction to the use of the Cambodian fermented fish called prahok and the curry paste called kroeung in authentic Khmer cuisine.

Beef lok lak consists in beef cut into pieces, marinated and then sautéed in a wok before being served on a bed of green salad with slices of tomatoes and cucumber that bring freshness to the dish. It is accompanied by rice as well as a lime and black pepper sauce in which the meat can be dipped before eating. A culinary journey!