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Anise Restaurant

Desserts & Sweet Treats - Khmer - Western - Asian - Noodle - Pasta - Salad - Sandwich & Wrap - Soup - No, 2C, St 278 off 57 BKK1 chamkarmon, PP
Opens at 08:00
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C21. Country Style Chicken and Vegetable Soup
Your daily dose of vitamins in a bowl. served with french bread
C22. Friend's Curry Pumpkin Soup
Creamy Cambodian pumpkin soup with a light curry twist. served with croutons.
C23. Tom Yam Goong
The famous Thai hot and sour soup prepared with shrimp, lemongrass, mushroom, and fresh ch...
C24. Anise Chef Salad
Smoked salmon, ham, egg, cheese, tomato, capers on a bed of locally grown organic mixed gr...
C25. Chicken Caesar Salad
Marinated chicken , bacon, croutons and parmesan cheese on a bed of crispy locally grown o...
C27. Greek salad
Locally grown organic lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and feta cheese in a balsamic...
C28. Cambodian Green Mango Salad
Shredded green mango mixed with cambodian basil and dried shrimp. recommended with our loc...
C29. Thai Beef Salad
Mouth watering spiced beef salad and vegetable with a lime orange twist. recommended with ...


A01. Bruschetta
Diced tomato, garlic and basil with a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, served on sl...
A02. Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Mixed vegetable and vermicelli rolled in rice paper, served with homemade sweet and sour sauce.
A04. Dumplings
Succulent pork, fish and chive dumplings pan-fried and served with a ginger soy sauce.
A07. Ma's Deep-Fried Shrimp Rolls
Ma's special minced shrimp wrapped in rice paper and fried to golden perfection, served wi...
A08. Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla
This all-time favorite mexican starter is served with a pineapple salsa.
A09. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings
Spice it up with this appetizer! it is a perfect complement to an ice-cold beer!


B10. Chicken Caesar Wrap
Chicken caesar salad with bacon in a flour wrap. served with a side of french fries.
B12. Bean Burrito
Refried beans, mexican rice, lettuce, tomato and wrapped in a flour tortilla, and served w...
B13. Beef Burrito
Marinated beef, rice and beans wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with salad and a sid...
B15. Club Sandwich
Chicken breast, bacon, egg, cheese, tomato and lettuce, served with a side of french fries...
B17. Roasted Veggie Panini
Roasted eggplant tomato, bell pepper, onion, mozzarella cheese panini served with a side o...
B18. Bacon Cheeseburger
All american bacon cheeseburger stacked high! served with french fries.
B19. Fish and Chips
Battered deep-fried fish served with french fries.


D31. Pad Thai
Thin flat rice noodles sauteed with chicken, tofu, egg, green onions and served with bean ...
D33. Chow Mein
Yellow egg noodle stir-fried with beef, pork or chicken and fresh local vegetable.
D36. Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
One of our chefs specialties: cannelloni stuffes with spinach and ricotta cheese in a toma...
D37. Spicy Shrimp Spaghetti
Minced shrimp and spaghetti tossed in a lightly spicy tomato, garlic and parsley cream sauce.
D38. Spaghetti Bolognaise
Same, same, but different! rediscover the taste of spaghetti bolognaise with our chef's sp...
D39. Beef Lasagna
Survey says: the best homemade lasagna in town. our chef's own special recipe. served with...
D41. Penne Pasta with Roasted Vegetable
Penne pasta served with slowly roasted vegetable and tossed in a tomato pesto sauce. a del...


E42. Fish Amok
A cambodian signature dish-a custard-like preparation of fresh fish with coconut milk mixe...
E43. Beef Lok Lak
Sauteed tender beef served with a pepper and lime sauce and served with locally grown orga...
E44. Ginger Chicken
Sauteed sliced chicken with fresh ginger, vegetable and oyster sauce and served with local...
E45. Ma's Chicken and Red Rice
Seasoned chicken fried to golden perfection and served with ma's famous red rice and a sid...
E46. Cambodian Chicken Kebab
Chicken marinated with spices and served with a side of coleslaw cambodian style. and serv...
E48. Friend's Fish Fillet with Fresh Tamarind and Shallot Relish
Pan-fried fresh fish fillet from the tonle sap river, served with fresh green tamarind and...
E50. Red Curry
Selection of beef, pork or chicken slowly cooked with curry spices and vegetable and serve...
E51. Fried Rice
election of pork, chicken , beef, seafood or vegetable.


F52. Sirloin Steak (Australian)
Choice of Ardennaise, kampot green peppercorn or mushroom sauce, and served with your sele...
F53. Fish Fillet with Lemon Butter and Caper Sauce
Pan-fried fish fillet from the tonle sap river, served with a lemon butter and caper sauce...
F54. Boeuf Bourguignon
Our own chef's favorite rendition of the french beef stew cooked in red wine. served with ...
F55. Chicken Cordon Bleu
Tender chicken breast rolled with ham and cheese, bread crumb served with a red wine sauce...
F57. Pork Tenderloin Fillet in Mustard Sauce
Tender pork tenderloin served with a mustard sauce. complement this dish with your selecti...
F58. Chicken Breast with Ratatouille
If you are looking for a simple and healthy entree, this is it: pan-fried chicken breast w...


G59. Pasta
G60. French Fries
G62. Steamed Mixed Vegetable
G63. Ratatouille
G64. Locally Grown Organic Mixed Green Salad
G65. Spinach Red Rice
G66. Locally Grown Organic Brown Rice
G67. Locally Grown Organic White Rice
G68. Bread
G69. Garlic Bread


H71. Tiramisu
People in the know have said this is the tiramisu of all tiramisu!
H73. Brownies with a Choice of Ice Cream
If you choose chocolate ice cream to go with your brownies, then there is no denying if: y...
H74. Chocolate Mousse
Rice and creamy, and oh so delicious!
H75. Platter of Fresh Fruit