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Street 155 House number 59c
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Century 9 Inspired Eatery

American - Western - Burger - Chicken - Fast Food - Salad - Snack - Street 155 House number 59c
Opens at 08:00
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Mozzarella Bites
Fried cheese, Khmer peanut sauce.
Jackfruit poppers
Fried jackfruit, Stuffed with cream cheese, bacon & green chili.
Crispy Pork Spring Roll
Sweet chili dipping sauce.
Avocado pork spring roll
Beer battered avocado, C9 Aoili.
Chicken strips Starter
Crispy buttermilk soaked chicken c9 khmer bbq sauce.
Fruit Plate
Assortment of Tropicical fruit


Tonle Burger
150g beef burger, Cheddar Cheese, Crispy onion straws, cilantro, creamy garlic sauce.
Mushroom Mozzarella
black mushroom, mozzerella, lettuse,tomato, onion, pickle, C9 Aioli, 150g beef burger. 
Grilled c9 steak, black mushroom, cripsy onion straws, cilantro, C9 aioli.
Kingdom Fish
Beer Battered snackehead fish, coslow, pickle, cilantro.
Perfect Pork Burger
170g Pork burger, Roasted green chilis, C9 Khmer BBQ sauce, Crispy onions straws, cilantro...
Kingdom Cockerel
Crispy buttermilk Chicken breast, caslow, pickle, cilantro. 
Khmer BBQ cheese
C9 khmer bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, roasted freen garden chilli, cripsy onion straws, cila...
Tom ma Da
Lettuse, tomato, onion, pickle, C9 Aioli, 150g beef burger.
Roasted eggplant, black mushroom, red rice pattyb, lettuse, onion, tomato, pickle, C9 aioli,


Tom Ma Da Sliders
Beef burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, c9 Aoili + Khmer fries
Tonle Sliders
Beef burger, cheddar cheese, Crispy onion straws, cilantro, creamy garlic sauce. + Khmer fries
Perfect Pork Sliders
Pork burger, roasted green chili, c9 khmer bbq sauce, crispy onion straws, cilantro, c9 Ao...
Viggie Sliders
Roasted eggplant, black mushroom, res rice patty lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle,c9 Aoili. ...
Kingdom Cockerel Sliders
Crispy buttermilk soaked chichen breast, coleslaw pickle, cilantro + Khmer fries
Kingdom Fish Sliders
Beer batered snackehead fish, cosleslaw, pickle, cilantro + khmer fries


Kingdom fish & Fries
Beer battered snakehead fish, fries, salad, c9 aoili, lime
Roasted Eggplant Mushroom Balls
Deliciously crafted vegetarian Meatless balls, Spicy red kreoung coconut cream sauce, fish...
Loaded Baked Sweet Potato
Pork belly red curry, cilantro, Creamy garlic sauce, salad & choice of 1 side
Riverine striploin steak
Char-grilled new york style striploin, black mushroom garlic pepper sauce, sala&chioce...
Bone-In pork chop
Thick cut and char-grilled, spicy red kreoung coconut cream sauce salad & chioce of 1 ...


Avocado & Roasted Pumpkin
Pickled shallots, cherry tomato, bell pepper, pumpkin seeds, frizzled onion, lime & pe...
Sesame Mango cashew nut
Red onion, carrot, basil, cilantro, toasted sesame seeds, creamt sesame dressing. 
Red Rice & Roots
pickled beets, white radish, carrot, lotus root crips, egg, green bean, creamy herb dressing. 
Pomelo & Grilled Corn
Roasted red pepper, cucumber, Khmer style toasted peanuts, crispy frizzled onion, Khmer dr...
The Green Papaya
carrot, white radish, cherry tomato, fresh herb, khmer peanuts, crispy frizzled onion, khm...

Khmer fries

Just Fries
Seasoned Crinkle Cut Fries.
Gralic Breath
Roasted garlic, Garlic seasoning garlic sauce.
Melted mozzarella & cheddar
Crab, Shrimp, chilli sauce, c9 Aoili
Chicken Amok Curry
Brohok Ktiss
Pork beely, red chilli coconut curry

Kids Menu

Chicken Strips For kinds
Cripsy buttermilk soaked chicken ketchup 
Veggie burger slider
Eggplant, mushroom, rice pattie, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickle, C9 aioli
Fish fingers
battered white fish c9 Aioli, Fresh lime
Cheese Burger slider
Beef pattie, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickle, C9 aioli

Sweet Things

Ice Cream
2 Scoops
Warm chocolate Brownie
With vanilla ice cream

Soft Drinks

Singha soda water
Ginger Ale
Fresh coconut
Chilled and extra refreshing
Tropical fruit smoothie
Seasonal assortment of fruits
Lime cucumber mint lced tea
Lemongrass Refresher
Fresh lime soda

Red Wines

Merlit/Cab ( FR ) Red
Les ormes de cam merlot ( FR ) Red
Shell bay cabernet sauvignon 2014 ( Aus ) Red
Stonefish margaret river shiraz 2017 ( Aus ) Red

White Wines

Sauvignon ( fr )
Shell bay sauvignon blacnc/semillon 2016 ( Aus )
Chell bay chardonnay 2016 ( Aus )
Stonefish margaret river sauvignon blanc 2018 ( Aus )
Zonin cuvee 1821 prosecco ( Italy )