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Street 334
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Choe Go Jip Restaurant

Asian - Chicken - Korean - Seafood - Soup - $$$ - street 334, corner 63 BKK1, Phnom Penh
Opens at 10:30
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Choe Go Jip is a Korean Restaurant serving exclusively Korean and Khmer food in Phnom Penh. Try their delightful Korean Specialties in their menu herafter, if you never tried the Korean Food before, then you should definitely start with some good one, Choe Go Jip is full of it.

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Korean Specialties

Bulgogi (Stew)
Bulgogi Thin Slices of Beef, Marinated in a Soysauce
Seasoned Pork with Red Chilli Sauce and Vegetables
Spicy Chicken Stew with Potatoes , Onions
Dongtae Jigae
Spicy Pollack Stew, Radish
Hambang Sangyeotnag
Whole Chicken Stuffed With Ginseng, Sticky Rice, Jujubes and Garlics
Stir-Fried Chicken Ribs
Rice Cake in Hot Sauce
Pigs' feet cooked in a Soy Sauce and Comes with a Shrimp Sauce Dip
Pancake Made with Green Onion and Seafood
Tofu with Stir-Fried Kimchi
A Colourful Dish made with Glass Noodles Beef, Carrot ,and Spinach in a Soy Sauce Seasoning
Dried Seaweed Rolls

Khmer Specialties

Steamed Rice with Fried Pork
Steamed Rice with Fried Ginger
Steamed Rice with Braised Pork's Leg and Eggs
Steamed Rice with Deep Fried Dip and Green Mango Sauce
Steamed Rice with Sour Soup and Pork Ribs
Steamed Rice with Sour Fish Soup and Lemon