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22 Street 29
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Irina Russian Restaurant Restaurant

Healthy Food - Vegetarian - Asian - Chicken - Russian - Salad - Seafood - Snack - Soup - $$ - 22 Street 29,Phnom Penh
Opens at 11:00
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Irina is the perfect place to try the tastes of Russian Kicthen. Definitely the best Russian place in Phnom Penh where you will either find back the flavors that you already know or discover a lot of new ones if you have never tried before. Don't hesitate anymore, it worth it.

Order them just below and get delivered to your door in a record time. Enjoy your meal with MealTemple


Salmon Tsar Pelmeni
The royalty of our pelmeni collection ground salmon with a hint of dill
Pelmeni with Pork or Beef and Chicken
A heart of russian cuisine, handmade "ravioli" stuffed with ground pork served with sour cream
Siberian Pelmeni
A mix of pork, chicken and beef meats which makes pelmeni really flavorfull and juicy


Russian Snack
Salted mackerel, salted cucumbers and assorted pickled mushrooms
Russian Snack With Salmon
Smoked salmon, salted cucumbers and assorted pickled mushrooms
Homemade Selyodka
Salted mackerel served with boiled potatoes and onions
Blini with Smoked Salmon
Thin Russian style pancake rolled with smoked salmon
Russian Pierogi
Traditional Russian treat, bite size pies stuffed with cabbage
Fried Cheese
5 pieces of crunchy cheese sticks served with fresh garden salad


Olivier Salad
Russian salad made of diced potatoes, vegetables , eggs, peas and chicken with light mayo ...
Traditional Russian salad, a healthy salad made of diced beets, potatoes, peas and pickled...
Beetroot and Walnuts Salad
Grated boiled beets and walnuts with garlic and light mayo dressing
Feta Cheese Salad
Classic feta salad
Mushroom Salad
Sautéed mushrooms, potato, egg with light mayo dressing
Fresh Garden Salad
Fresh salad with smoked salmon
Beetroot and Feta Salad
Grated boiled beets with olive oil dressing and homemade feta cheese
Shuba Salad
Fish under fur coat traditional russian beettroot and herring salad dressed with mayo


Vareniki with Potatoes
Traditional ukrainian dumplings filled with mashed potatoes served with homemade sour cream
Vareniki with Cabbage
Traditional Ukrainian dumplings filled with sautéed cabbage served with homemade sour cream
Vareniki with Mushrooms
Traditional ukrainian dumplings filled with sauteed mushrooms and potatoes served with hom...


Traditional Russian cabbage and beetroot soup
Russian summer favorite cold soup with fresh veggies and beets.
Refreshing Russian cold buttermilk soup with fresh vegies
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Classic cream of mushroom soup
Moscow Solyanka
Rich sour soup with mixed smoked meats, capers and olives
Lapsha Chicken Soup
Russian chicken soup with handmade noodles


Georgian fried pies with mozzarella cheese.


Chicken Kiev
Namecard of fine Russian cuisine, chicken breast pounded and rolled around cold butter and...
Classic Cordon Bleu
Chicken breast pounded and rolled around ham and mozzarella cheese coated with breadcrumbs...
Feta Meatalls
Mix of ground chicken, beef and pork with feta cheese served in cream and basil sauce with...


Fish Cutlets
Authentic Russian fish course, minced fish patties served with garish
Baked Fish "a-La Russe"
Baked fillet of fish on a bed of veggies in white cream sauce and mozzarella cheese

Beet & Lamb

Lamb "a-la" Russe
Traditional Russian lamb stew with spics and tomato sauce with garnish
Beef Goulash
Beef goulash with red wine sauce served with your choice of garnish
cooked in every Russian family, pan fried ground beef steak
Beef Stroganoff
The ultimate comfort food, tender strips of beef sauteed with sour cream to make creamy sa...
Lamb Keba
Fried ground lamb kebabs with spices of central Asia served with garanish


Most famous street food in Russian, deep fried thin dough pies with minced meat and onions...
Pork Otbivnaya
Russian style schizel, pounded and seasoned meat coated with breadcrumbs served with garnish
Russian Cutlet
Staple of Russian cuisine are cutlets tender and juicy fried ground meat patties with garnish
Golubtsy Red Sauce
This is something every Russian family makes, meat wrapped in cabbage leaved and stewed in...
Golubtsy Cream sauce
Our version of golubtsy with more creaminess, meat wrapped in cabbage leaves stewed in mus...
Lyuly Kebab
Fried ground pork kebabs with spices of central asia served with fresh salad


Baked Apple with Walnuts and Honey
Blini with Honey
Thin Russian pancake with honey and home-made sour cream


Served with fresh vegetables (3-4 persons)
Plov Uzbek Traditional Fried Rice with Meat
Served with fresh salad (3-4persons)
Manty Uzbek Steamed Big "Ravioli"
Served with sour cream and fresh tomato sauce. (1 Set - 4 pieces )


Steamed Rice
French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Fried Baby Potatoes
Fresh Vegetables


Sour Cream 100g
Cottage Cheese 100g
Feta Cheese
Frozen Pelmeni (500gm)
Pork / Beef / Chicken / Salmon
Frozen Wareniki (500gm)
Potato / Cabbage / Mushroom / potato