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Teabrary BKK1

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Teabrary Premium Tea

Premium Tea Produced at High Elevation
Assam Valley Black Tea
Taiwan Premium Green Tea
Taiwan No. 12 Jin Xuan Tea
Taiwan Black Oolong Tea

Teabrary Milk Tea

Indulge in the Perfect Blend of Premium Tea with a Smooth Creamy Texture
Signature Milk tea
Taiwan No. 12 Jin Xuan Oolong
Premium Black Oolong
Signature Milk Tea with Pearl

Home-Made Brown Sugar Pearl

Savory Brown Sugar Pearls Cooked to Perfection
Fresh Premium Milk (Brown Sugar Pearl)
Signature Milk (Brown Sugar Pearl)

Teabrary Chessiato

Hand-Crafted Cheese Foam made from the finest cheese from New Zealand and Premium Fresh Milk
Assam Black Tea Chessiato
Premium Green Tea Chessiato
Jin Xuan Oolong Chessiato
Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearl Chessiato
Garden Strawberry Green Tea Chessiato

Teabrary Fresh Fruity

All Natural Immunity Boosting Tea
Signature Fruit Tea
Iced Pineapple Tea
Iced Calamansi Lemon Juice

Teabrary Cold-Brew Tea Series

Cold-brewed for 8 hours preserving the natural benefits of tea
Taiwan High Mountain Green Tea
Premium Taiwan Jin Xuan

Artisanal Crafted Dessert Tea

Hand-Crafted Fresh Pudding and Jelly paired with Premium Tea
Milk Tea with Pudding
Milk Tea with Crème Cheese
Green Tea with Strawberry Jelly
Green Tea with Ume Jelly
Teabrary Yuan Yang (Tea x Coffee)

Teabrary Warm Up

Signature Classics Served both Hot or Cold
Tea Latte (Assam Black / Black Oolong)
Shizuoka Matcha Latte
Caffé Latte (Original / Brown Sugar)
Sicily Iced Lemon Coffee